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Learning Disabilities

Describing a learning disability?

Those with learning disabilities, at times, have a reduced intellectual ability as well as decreased social skills or have emotional and physical conditions which can affect day to day life and in performing routine activities. 

Here at Triple S Care we aim to tailor the services to the requirements of the individuals care needs no matter what their circumstance are to help support independent living.

How can Triple S Care Help?

Our vision is to support those within our service to achieve the highest level of freedom and where possible, aid the transition into supported living.  Our care is personalised to the highest degree which allows for a greater scope for Triple S to work with individuals who have challenging behaviours, complex needs and learning disabilities.

Triple S is suited to the care needs of those who are finding it difficult to integrate into a communal environment and are finding that supported living is not appropriate for their needs. We provide a one-to-one service to assist, develop and maintain an independent lifestyle, setting goals which are achievable for the individuals currently presiding at Triple S.

We assist individuals with a range of care needs to lead a more fulfilled existence, enabling them to make a positive contribution to their lives.

We currently provide:

  • Assistance with activities that enriches the life of the individual
  • Help at home with domestic duties and planning meals
  • Personal home care for assistance with washing and dressing
  • Support with managing bills and medicines
  • Friendship, reassurance, and companionship
  • Advice on how to budget and handle finances

We take pride in promoting the advocacy of independent living and supporting people with learning disabilities to get the best out of life.