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Physical Disabilities

Services for those that have a physical disability

For millions of people in the UK who are living with some form of physical disability, whether you are born with one, or it has been acquired later in life and whether it is permanent or temporary, it's important to have some independence and here at Triple S, we offer more choice and control over your care, and the ability to receive the support necessary to lead a more fulfilling life  


How our physical disability care services can help make a difference

In order to maintain the welfare of those residing at Triple S, we offer encouragement to take an active role in the care giving and help support and mentor people with physical disabilities to get the best out of life. No matter how simple or complex the needs are of the individual, we at Triple S have developed a personalised approach that is designed to focus on the persons care needs as well as supporting their relatives, friends and healthcare professionals to work alongside with us to ensure the well-being of our service users remains intact.



The type of support and care provided can be selected by the individual, providing autonomy over the service they receive as well as complete personalisation with the support that is given by Triple S

Personal care: 

We can assist with all personal care tasks and maintaining personal hygiene whilst preserving the dignity of the service user

Practical help:

We assist with daily tasks such as domestic duties, administering medication and shopping calls

We firmly believe that a physical disability should not hold any individuals back and we will work with the individual to improve quality of life and to promote and achieve independence rather than for them.