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Our Team


  • Sandeep Shehmar
  • Mr R Dass
  • Dr N Narhlya

Registered Care Manager

  • Tom Long

Deputy Manager 

  • Naomi Heal 

Team Leader

  • Nikki Goulding 

Senior Support Staff 

  • Babara Roberts
  • Sophia Chaudhery
  • Orlando Mills 
  • Leslie Bona (Nights Senior)

In addition to the above management structure we also employ a selection of highly skilled, specialist care staff. In addition to established mandatory care training, all staff are trained in crisis management. The manager is a fully qualified instructor and is able to make this training specific to the needs of those living within the service. The 2 day course covers all elements of de-escalation and crisis reduction through to the last resort use of physical interventions. Staff also have specialist training in dietetics, working with people with autism, epilepsy, stroke awareness and mental capacity ensuring the full scope of complex care is fully covered and implemented.